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2020, 28
 minutes, documentary film
Director, cinematographer, sound recordist, producer, and editor.

This is a multifaceted portrait of Ângelo Machado: renowned Bazilian scientist, professor, playwright, writer, environmentalist, and a world-leading zoologist specialized on dragonflies. This film brings us to the intimacy of Ângelo Machado's unique world, revealed by the deep relation with his granddaughter, the director.





Direction, cinematographer, sound recordist, voice over, producer, and editor: Mariana Machado 

Cast: Ângelo Machado

Distribution: Ponta de anzol filmes and Duda Gambogi

Narration Recording: João Viana (Sonhos & Sons Studio)

Sound Track Research: João Viana e Rafael Paulino

Additional Cinematographer (Butterfly house scene): Manoel Carvalho

Color grading: Júlia Raad

Sound designer: Pedro Henriques

Poster designer: Nina Vidigal

Translation: Letícia Haertel, Luiz Felipe Haertel, Mariana Machado, and Pablo Amiano.

Subtitles: Duda Gambogi

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