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CineFronteira is a group composed of artists and activists who elaborate actions of film education, cineclubism, and artistic creation that dialogue with Latin American and decolonial discussions. It also promotes free film exhibitions and debates in public spaces in Belo Horizonte city, aimed at strengthening contemporary Brazilian film production and establishing a constant dialogue between filmmakers, critics, educators, activists, and the public.

CineFronteira was founded in 2015, and the group is guided by the common interest in the democratization of cinema as a political and necessary tool in our Brazilian scenario. We act in the city of Belo Horizonte, and we aim at contributing to cultural diffusion and the right to the city. Besides, promoting actions and discussions about the importance of film in educational contexts and collective formations. 


Current project:

REEL - EDIÇÃO.00_17_48_05.Quadro011.png

The “Pedal-pro-nobis” series was born out of the desire to create a favorable environment for the dialogue between artists, activists, intellectuals, and young innovators. In each episode, an interesting personality is interviewed during a bicycle ride, in such a way that the debate can happen anywhere. This project was created by João Pontes - cultural manager and sociologist - with the support and collaboration of CineFronteira. 

In the first edition, we had the participation of Nego Bispo, who lives in Piauí (Brazil), and is a cyclist, writer, agricultural worker, poet, and "quilombola" intellectual. This bicycle ride leads the participants to CEVAE Taquaril (communal vegetable garden), where they created a dialogue circle, sharing experiences, knowledge, and dreams.

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