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SELVVA is an encounter of three artists and researchers: Mariana Machado, Bruno Rios, and Luciana Gerhard. From an interdisciplinary approach to art, they transit through filmmaking, performance, photography, writing, drawing, and sculpture. Involved in cultural, social, educational, and environmental issues, they are guided by the construction of an active platform for creation.


From the sharing of common space, in the format of artistic residency, the exchange takes place through the crossing of ways of living and producing art, blurring the boundaries between rooms, studios, and laboratories. In this way, projects are developed in accordance with the daily lives of the artists and their related research, producing multifaceted works which emerge from the intimate sphere and address the audience.

SELVVA carries in its name an ecosystem that connects the real and the imaginary, the multiple possibilities of coexistence, affirming and desiring diversity as a goal. SELVVA is a substrate that supports a diverse and porous daily life. SELVVA is entangled, a dream, a fiction, an outline to be drawn. Again and again, doubling in the vein of the word the possibility of flight, the creation of wings.

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