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Music Video, 2018, Belo Horizonte

Director and producer
Exhibited: Napoli Film Festival

People on the streets. They spread their words, their dances, and their sound everywhere. Their strong presence lights up the dark and empty city.


Directed by: Lucas Campos e Mariana Machado
Producer: Mariana Machado
Cinematographer: Lucas Campos e Duane Cartaxo
Editor: Lucas Campos
Lyrics: Iza Sabino
Musical Production: Coyote Beatz
Recorded and mixed at: Nébula Records
Crew: Maýra, Castillo, Cabaneco, Afro Kong, Blackout, Isabella Pauline, Marconi.

Thanks!: Cecilia, Nuno, Phelps, Daniel Ferreira e a toda ACME

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