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Directors: Ana Maria Machado and Mariana Machado


This film portrays two of the most important Brazilian indigenous leaders and intellectuals: Davi Kopenawa Yanomami and Ailton Krenak. 

Davi is apprehensive about the chaos caused by the massive illegal invasion of gold miners on the Amazon Rainforest and the looming threat of the legalization of mining in the forest where his people live. Ailton sees the Doce River, which is the source of life in his community, being hit by tailing due to the collapse of a mining dam. 


Davi Kopenawa and Ailton Krenak talk about their ways of relating to the earth as a living entity, home to so many other beings that inhabit there, human and non-human. Thus, they present us with new ways of existing in the world. Reflecting on the views of these two great Brazilian indigenous leaders resembles the feeling of having a mirror turned to us, non-indigenous. When discussing mining, Krenak and Kopenawa make a refined critique of the exploratory way in which non-indigenous people relate to the land, following a logic of predation and uncontrolled consumption. This relation with the planet puts the human species and many others at risk of extinction. In this increasingly chaotic world with a dystopian future in sight, indigenous groups continue to resist. Listening to them and taking them seriously is an urgent and global task. 


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